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Galvanic Spa Kit From Brazilian Miracle

Our Exclusive Galvanic Spa kit from Brazilian Miracle: Get Younger Looking Wrinkle Free Face, Plumper Firmer Breasts or A Perky Tighter Buttock, Without expensive Dangerous cosmetic surgery.

Introducing The Brazilian Miracle Galvanic Spa Kit. Using a combination of Science, Nature and Technology this galvanic spa system is completely safe and perfect for in home use. Our portable Galvanic machine uses a gentle vibrating electric current to infuse our botanical products deep into the surface of skin. Our anti aging products combined with the latest positive and negative ion technology can give you results only found in expensive spa's at a fraction of the cost.

Galvanic Spa KitGalvanic current therapy has been used in spas for more than 50 years. This pain-free highly effective beauty treatment can now be used in the comfort of your home. No more expensive trips to the spa, no painful expensive cosmetic surgery. Our revolutionary blend of ingredients target the source of aging skin and stop it dead in its tracks, the galvanic wand generates a current that stimulates skin cell regeneration. You can use our Galvanic spa kit on all of your problem skin Use it on the face, buttock, tummy or thighs as well as your breasts. This amazing device also tighten the skin minimize your pores while eliminating toxins and impurities.

Our Galvanic Spa Kit works the same way as expensive equipment found only in exclusive spas to infuse your skin cells with nutrients rich in moisturizers and antioxidants. Brazilian Miracle Creams, Gels and Lotions when used with The Galvanic Ion Skin Technology push our natural ingredients deep into your skin for maximum elasticity and moisturizing that you cannot get by simply applying the cream by hand. All of the Anti Aging products included in our Galvanic Spa Kit work synergistically to increase the rate of new skin renewal giving you smoother, younger looking skin faster. Watch fine lines, deep wrinkles and bumpy discolored skin vanish away in just days. Your skin will be fuller healthier and younger looking. Watch problem sagging areas tighten and lift, Witness the fine lines and wrinkles start to disappear. This powerful combination of Nature, Science and Technology will truly perform a miracles on your skin. Everyone will be wondering if you had any cosmetic "work done"

Brazilian Miracles NEW Galvanic Spa Combining The Power of Nature, Science and Technology To Give you Beautiful Younger Looking Skin.

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Step One For all trouble areas: 
1) Apply our premium Vitamin A Retinol Gel SPARINGLY (a little goes a long way) to any problem area such as the Face, Tummy, Breasts or Buttock. Turn on the inoic vibrating wand and work into the skin for 3-5 minutes or until gel is completely absorbed. Brazilian Miracle Pure Vitamin A Retinol in Gel form is a perfect pre-treatment base and acts as a conductor for the Galvanic ion process. This powerful Retinol Gel when used with our vibrating hand held Galvanic spa machine, charges the skin with positive and negative ions, infusing the Retinol Deep within the tissue for maximum absorption.

Step Two For Facial Treatment:
2) After the retinol gel has been thoroughly working into the skin for 3-5 minutes apply Timeless Essence sparingly on the face paying special attention to the eyes chin neck and forehead. Continue to work the cream into the face using the Galvanic ion Wand for an additional 3-5 minutes, or until cream is fully absorbed. You should start to notice fine lines and saggy areas disappear in only days.

Step Two For Butt Or Breast Enhancement:
2) After the retinol gel has been thoroughly working into the skin for 3-5 minutes apply Brazilian Miracle Butt Enhancement Cream and continue to work into the skin with the Galvanic wand for another 5 minutes. You should notice tighter more perky skin on your butt in just days. Repeated continued use will yield spectacular results.

About the Products:

Wrinkle Rescue is a Pharmaceutical Grade topical Retinol Gel that Provides a perfect pre-treatment of skin cells for the ion induction process. Our Exclusive Retinol formula contains naturally occurring fat soluble vitamin A found in human skin and is commonly used and recommended by dermatologist to repair wrinkles and fine lines.

Timeless Essence is a Collagen Elastin based moisturizing cream specifically designed to give your skin tone and elasticity while restoring its natural youthful structure. The 100% natural botanical formula contains ingredients that leave your skin radiant, stronger and healthier looking, without the use of chemicals or dangerous cosmetic surgery.

Brazilian Miracle Enhancement Cream is a very unique body shaping cream that can be used in multiple problem areas. Our exclusive botanical formula is commonly used for Butt Enhancement, Breast Enhancement, Cellulite Reduction and Wrinkled Tummy Tuck Correction. Brazilian Miracle Cream contains a proprietary blend of herbs known for their unique ability to tighten, plump and smooth, saggy, bumpy or wrinkles skin.

Brazilian Miracles Galvanic Spa Kit Can also be used with our Miracle Fade Skin Lightening Cream for dark spots and un-even skin tone. Great for Age Spots Liver Spots, Freckles, Birth marks , scars and more



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